The Mondzelewski’s of Cleveland, Ohio

In an effort to link several MONDZELEWSKI families to my OLSZTA family, I have begun a study of the MONDZELEWSKI families of Cleveland, Ohio. I will be posting the results of that study here.

My great-great-grandmother was Katarzyna MONDZELEWSKA (b. abt 1841), sometimes spelled BADZELEWSKA. She was from Golkowo, Russian-Poland (about 3 miles NNE of Świedziebnia) and married Antoni OLSZTA in 1863 in Świedziebnia, Russian-Poland. Katarzyna’s daughter, Anna OLSZTA, married Ignacy SINARSKI in 1900 at St. Stan’s in Cleveland, Ohio. They lived within several houses of the MONDZELEWSKIs on St. Stanislaw Street. My aunt was married by Msgr. Edmund MONDZELEWSKI in 1950 and she vaguely remembers that the Monsignor was a cousin.

Michael MONDZELEWSKI’s naturalization papers indicate that he was from Siberia, Poland. There is a village named Syberia about 9 miles ESE of Świedziebnia.

Walter (b. abt 1873) and Michael (b. abt 1878) MONDZELEWSKI were the sons of John MONDZELEWSKI and Mary WYSOCKI. That probably means that John was born about 1847. John could be the brother of Katarzyna MONDZELEWSKA. Further research into the Świedziebnia church records available through the LDS might prove the connection.

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