Last Will & Testament – John MORTIMER

Signed: 21 July 1873
Proved: 14 November 1883
Transcribed by: Dennis M. Kowallek, 5 June 2004

Pleas at the Court House in Cincinnati, in the County of Hamilton, State of Ohio, of the Hamilton Probate Court at a Session thereof held at the place aforesaid on the nineteenth day of November in the year of are Lord, One thousand Eight hundred and Eighty three before the Honorable Issac B. Watson Sole Judge of said Court.

The State of Ohio Hamilton County S. S. Probate Court.

Be it remembered that on the fourteenth day of November in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and Eighty three, the last Will and Testament of John Mortimer late of this County deceased was this day presented to this Court for Probate & Record clothed in the words and figures to wit:

I, John Mortimer of Greentownship Ham. Co. State of Ohio do hereby make, publish and declare my last Will and Testament in the following words to wit: Item 1″ I do hereby will and devise to my wife Eleanor Mortimer, during her natural life the house in which we now reside, the barns, stables and all other outer buildings together with the lot of land on which it is situate being and lying in N. E. ?. Section No. 12 Greentownship Ham. Co. and State of Ohio containing 70 acres more or less. Item 2″ I do hereby give and bequeath to my wife Eleanor Mortimer all my clothing and all my household and kitchen furniture, fixture, carpets, beds, bedding, china, crockery, looking glasses, pictures, books goods and effects used in and about my house above described to her and I do hereby also will and bequeath to her during her natural life all the rents that do ??? or accrue from the said farm, as above mentioned payable quarterly and as they become due for her own use and control. Item 3″ I do will and direct that all taxes and levies and assessments made or to be made or to be made on the aforesaid house, barn and all outer building together with the aforesaid 70 acres of land. Also all my Chattel property consisting of one horse named Dick, also one Spring Waggon, one farm waggon, and all other farm utensils belonging thereto and that the said buildings and grounds shall be kept in good order by my executors from my estate during the natural life of my said wife. In consideration of her long and most faithful life as a wife and mother I would gladly have granted to her the entire control as well as Income of my Estate, but I will know that its management would prove a burden and not a benefit to her during her declining years and I trust the provisions I have made for her will prove to be not ample but entirely satisfactory to her. Item 4″ I do hereby will and direct my just debts and expenses of my last sickness and funeral burial to be paid by my Executors from my Estate. Item 5″ I do hereby will and direct that my Executors, complete, fullfill and execute all contracts by me made as it may be necessary and proper to complete. I do hereby give and grant to them and each of them full and ample power and authority to execute deeds and other Instruments of writing to convey by deed lands as well as chattel real and personal in trust for the purposes of this my last will and testament. Item 6″ As the death of my said wife, all the property aforesaid Real Est. and personal property be equally divided among my children, each to share equally and alike. Item 7″ I do hereby appoint Eleanor Mortimer my wife and James Epley as Executors of this my last will and testament. I desire that no sale of my personal property be made and thus my Executors be not required to give bond in pursuance of the statute. I hereby revoke all former wills made by me. In testimony hereof I have hereonto set my hand and seal this 21st day of July 1873.

John Mortimer (SEAL)

Signed and acknowledged by said John Mortimer, as his last will and testament in our presence and by us in his presence.

Martin Epley
Gordon S. Epley

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