SS-5 Application of Ignacy SinarskiMy great-grandfather, Ignacy SINARSKI, came to Cleveland, Ohio from Russian Poland shortly before the 1900 U.S. Census. His wife was Anna OLSZTA. Various sources give his birthdate anywhere from 1874 to 1879. His SS-5 lists his parents as Tomash SINARSKI and Mary MILLER.
We have few clues as to where the SINARSKI family came from in Russian Poland. Ignacy’s son, Boleslaw, came separately to the U.S. in 1911. In the ship’s manifest, Boleslaw is listed as a farm laborer from Rekitnica, Russia. As it turns out, the OLSZTA family lived in Rokitnica. He is described as age 19, 5’6″, fair complected, blond haired and brown eyed. His destination is Cleveland, Ohio to visit his father Ignaz Sinarski at 3922 E. 66 Str. He lists an aunt Josefa Leszczynska as his nearest relative in Rekitnica, Plock. Anna OLSZTA had an older sister named Josefa. But I have been unable to locate any SINARSKIs in┬áRokitnica.
Another mystery has emerged regarding two of the children of Ignacy SINARSKI and Anna OLSZTA. I have located the marriage record of Ignacy and Anna. They were married on 27 Mar 1900 at St. Stan’s in Cleveland, Ohio. This is confirmed by the 1900 Census which shows them as married 1 year (a stretch) with 1 month old Zofia as their only child. But what about Boleslaw (b. abt 1892) and Mary (b. abt 1896) ??? There is something wrong with this timeline.
So the questions remain … where in Poland did the SINARSKI family come from? And who are the real parents of Boleslaw and Mary?

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