Henry BALES…

Henry BALES appears in the 1850 census for Jefferson Township, Independence Co., Arkansas…
    Henry BALES      57 TN
    Elizabeth BALES  54 NC
    Francis M. BALES 16 AR
    James BALES      14 AR
    John BALES       12 AR
    Nancy BALES       9 AR
Henry’s wife in 1850 (Elizabeth) appears to be at least his 2nd wife, and not the mother of these children. An Elizabeth PEARSON married a Henry BALES in Independence Co. in 1842. So Henry’s previous wife appears to have died between 1840 and 1842 (if daughter Nancy’s age is correct).
So who was Henry’s previous wife (or wives)? I found two other marriages of a Henry BALES…
    to Susannah HANKINS in 1824 in Jefferson Co., TN
    to Lucrecy SUMMERS in 1829 in Jefferson Co., TN (b. abt 1792)
In 1860 there is a Henry BAYLISS/BAYLESS in Greenbrier Twp., Independence Co., AR age 59/TN. He is married to a Susanah 59/TN. Next door is the family of David HANKINS. So this is possibly Susannah HANKINS. If so, this is not our Henry BALES, but it does indicate a connection between families in Jefferson Co., TN and Independence Co., AR.
I have also found the birth of a Henry BALES in 1795 in Jefferson Co., Tennessee. His father was John BALES and his mother was Ann (probably THORNBURG/THORNBROUGH/THORNBOROUGH).
To date, I have only found circumstantial links between the Henry BALES of Jefferson Co., Tennessee, and our Henry BALES of Independence Co., Arkansas. Are they the same person?
Note: I would be interested in finding another male descendant of John and Ann BALES for the purpose of Y-chromosome DNA testing. This person would have to be a male BALES directly descended from one of John and Ann’s other sons…
    William BALES     b: 10 FEB 1792 (settled in Ray Co., MO)
    John BALES        b: 5  JUN 1798 (seems to have remained in
                                      Jefferson Co., TN)
    Walter BALES      b: 10 FEB 1803 (possibly settled in Jackson
                                      Co., MO)
    Pleasant M. BALES b: 20 MAR 1808 (settled in Ray Co., MO - died
                                      in Andersonville POW Camp
                                      during the Civil War)
    Owen BALES        b: 30 NOV 1813 (moved to Oregon Co., MO bet
Click here for a chart of the descendants of John & Ann BALES in PDF format.

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