Butler Co., Ohio Cemeteries

This is a consolidated list of cemeteries located in Butler County, Ohio. I have assembled this list over the years from the following sources:

Here are several Butler County Maps (small, large) which show the locations of some of these cemeteries.

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Butler Co., Ohio Cemeteries
No. Cemetery Name Township
Amanda Cemetery (details) Lemon
Astoria Cemetery (details) Madison
Augsberger Memorial Cemetery (details) St. Clair
Augspurger Cemetery (details) Madison
Elk Creek Baptist Cemetery (details) Madison
Bethel Cemetery (details) Hanover
Brookside Cemetery (details) Union/West Chester
Burk Cemetery (details) Reily
Butler County Memorial Garden (details) Wayne
10  Butterfield Cemetery (details) Ross
11  Catholic Cemetery (details) Lemon
12  Chapel Cemetery (details) Wayne
13  Chapel Cemetery (details) Morgan
14  Collinsville Cemetery (details) Milford
15  Cotton Run Cemetery (details) Wayne
16  Elk Creek Cemetery (details) Madison
17  Fairfield Trustees Cemetery (details) Fairfield
18  Fairview Cemetery (details) Morgan
19  Fenton Cemetery (details) Ross
20  Flankinstein Cemetery (details) Ross
21  Greenwood Cemetery (details) Fairfield
22  Hickory Flat Cemetery (details) St. Clair
23  Holy Name Cemetery (details) Madison
24  Indian Creek Baptist Cemetery (details) Reily
25  Jacksonburg Cemetery (details) Wayne
26  Jacksonburg Cemetery (M. E. Church) (details) Wayne
27  Jewish Cemetery (details) Fairfield
28  Kennard Cemetery (details) Reily
29  Macedonia Cemetery (details) Morgan
30  Mathew-Smith Cemetery (details) Reily
31  Middletown Cemetery (details) Lemon
32  Milford Cemetery (details) Milford
33  Millville Cemetery (details) Hanover
34  Miltonville Cemetery (details) Madison
35  Minton Cemetery (details) Hanover
37  Mound Cemetery (details) Lemon
38  Mount Olivet Cemetery (details) Oxford
39  Mount Pleasant Cemetery (details) Lemon
40  Mount Pleasant Cemetery (details) Madison
41  New London Cemetery (details) Morgan
42  Old Jacksonburg Cemetery (details) Wayne
43  Oxford Cemetery (details) Oxford
44  Reily Cemetery (details) Reily
45  Rose Hill Cemetery (details) Fairfield
46  Ross Township Cemetery (details) Ross
47  Saint Charles Cemetery (details) Reily
48  Saint John's Cemetery (details) Madison
49  Saint Mary's Cemetery (details) Fairfield
50  Saint Stephen's Cemetery (details) Fairfield
51  Scipio Cemetery (details) Morgan
52  Scott Cemetery (details) Milford
53  Shafer Farm Cemetery (details) Fairfield
54  Shandon Cemetery (details) Morgan
55  Smalley Cemetery (details) Liberty
56  Somerville Cemetery (details) Milford
57  Spring Hill Cemetery (Huntsville) (details) Liberty
58  Spring Hill Cemetery (Maustown) (details) Liberty
59  Springdale Cemetery (details) Reily
60  Stockton Cemetery (details) Fairfield
61  Venice Cemetery (details) Ross
62  Walker Cemetery (details) Reily
63  Woodside Cemetery (details) Oxford
64  Woodside Cemetery (details) Lemon
101  Adams Cemetery (details) Oxford
102  Allhands Cemetery (details) Reily
103  Austin Cemetery (details) Oxford
104  Ayers-Whitehead Farm Cemetery (details) Liberty
105  Baker's Farm Cemetery (details) Liberty
106  Ball Cemetery (details) Fairfield
107  Barkelow Cemetery (details) Madison
108  Benham Farm Cemetery (details) Milford
109  Beser Farm Cemetery (details) Milford
110  Beth Israel Cemetery (details) Fairfield
111  Bishops Graves (details) Oxford
112  Blackburn Cemetery (details) Morgan
113  Boes Cemetery (details) Ross
114  Bone Cemetery (details) Milford
115  Brown's Run Road Cemetery (details) Madison
116  Bunker Hill Universalist Pioneer Cemetery (details) Reily
117  Burk Cemetery (details) Reily
118  Campbellite Cemetery (details) Oxford
119  Carmack Cemetery (details) Morgan
120  Cline-Cole Cemetery (details) Milford
121  Conrey Babies Cemetery (details) Union/West Chester
122  Davis Cemetery (details) Morgan
123  Dowty-Turner Cemetery (details) Morgan
124  Eaton Cemetery (details) St. Clair
125  Ebenezer Cemetery (details) Reily
126  Ebenezer Chapel Cemetery (details) Hanover
127  Fichter Family Cemetery (details) Reily
128  Flenner Cemetery (details) St. Clair
129  Freeman Graveyard (details) Oxford
130  French Cemetery (details) Morgan
132  George Cemetery (details) Morgan
133  German Reformed and Lutheran Cemetery (details) Wayne
134  Gregory Cemetery (details) Lemon
135  Hall Cemetery (details) Hanover
136  Halstead-Robinson Cemetery (details) Ross
137  Hancock-Stillwell Cemetery (details) Hanover
138  Hangmans Cemetery (details) Reily
139  Holy Trinity Columbarum Cemetery (details) Oxford
140  Hopkins Cemetery (details) Reily
141  Horner Cemetery (details) Oxford
142  Hunt Cemetery (details) Liberty
143  Hutchins Cemetery (details) Wayne
144  James Cemetery (details) Morgan
145  Jeffras Cemetery (details) Union/West Chester
146  Jenkins Burial Ground (details) Morgan
147  Lanes Tomb (details) Oxford
148  Longfellow Burial Ground (details) St. Clair
149  Marsh Cemetery (details) Morgan
150  McClellan Cemetery (details) Lemon
151  Mead Cemetery (details) Union/West Chester
152  Methodist Cemetery (details) Reily
153  Miami Chapel Cemetery (details) Fairfield
154  Miller Cemetery (details) Reily
155  Morgantown Cemetery (details) Morgan
156  Mount Tabor Cemetery (details) Morgan
157  Mount Zion Cemetery (details) Milford
158  Old Saint Stephen's Cemetery (details) Fairfield
159  Partlow Cemetery (details) Reily
160  Philanthropy Cemetery (details) Reily
161  Pisgah Presbyterian Cemetery (details) Union/West Chester
162  Port Cemetery (details) Reily
163  Reily Baptist Cemetery (details) Reily
164  Richardson-Simpson Cemetery (details) Milford
165  Roll Cemetery (details) Hanover
166  Saint Alloysius Cemetery (details) Morgan
167  Saint Anthony Cemetery (details) Lemon
168  Saint Peter's Lutheran Church┬áCemetery (details) St. Clair
169  Seven Mile United Brethren Cemetery (details) Wayne
170  Seward Family Cemetery (details) Union/West Chester
171  Smith Cemetery (details) Milford
172  Stahlheber Farm Cemetery (details) St. Clair
173  Student Burying Ground (details) Oxford
174  Swearingen Cemetery (details) Union/West Chester
175  Symmes Cemetery (details) Fairfield
176  Taylor Farm Cemetery (details) Milford
177  Thomas Farm Cemetery (details) St. Clair
178  Union Chapel Cemetery (details) Reily
179  United Methodist Cemetery (details) Ross
180  VanAudsall Cemetery (details) Reily
181  Village Graveyard (details) Oxford
182  Wade Cemetery (details) Ross
183  Walker Cemetery (details) Fairfield
184  Waller-Conger Cemetery (details) Union/West Chester
185  Wallon Burial Ground (details) Union/West Chester
186  Wehr Cemetery (details) Reily
187  Werner Cemetery (details) St. Clair
188  Woodmansee Sugar Valley Cemetery (details) Liberty
189  Wynn Cemetery (details) Morgan
190  Zion Meeting House Cemetery (details) Oxford
191  College Corner Cemetery (details) Oxford
192  Huff/Dine Cemetery (details) Madison
193  Middletown Riverside Cemetery (details) Lemon
194  Salem Baptist Church Cemetery (details) Lemon
195  Augspurger Burial Ground (details) Madison
196  Dorsey Farm Cemetery (details) Oxford
197  Old Bridgeford Cemetery (details) Oxford
199  Saint Peter's Lutheran Cemetery (details) Madison

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